Can’t Lose the Race

Written by M.E.

When ordinary words failed to describe the break up I had to go through, I decided to put it in rhymes.

Feet soaked in muddy rain
Running down cold roads to drown the pain

Wicked smiles signal the storm
What’s abnormal and what’s the norm?

Behind the sincere silence, I choke on every word
Trying to express emotions that got slurred

So many questions in my mind
The answers blocked my vision and now I’m blind

It’s hard to breathe in serenity
When his heart has been my amenity

It’s difficult to believe strangers now
When he said sweet words then broke the vow

Did I hold on too strong?
Is it my fault it all went wrong?

What about the promises he gave?
All broken, leaving my heart in rave.

Was it all a beautiful lie?
But I still count on every tear I cry.

It’s sad my best wasn’t good enough;
Knowing I had his back in the smooth and the rough.

I watch the rain drizzle down my boots;
That was my heart when we went separate routes.

I still await the rainbow after the storm.
Yet, I know my soul would never be as warm.

He broke my wall and shattered my trust in tandem.
This solitude became a painful memorandum.

I’ve always chosen to be alone in peace.
But loneliness now eats me up like a disease.

I wipe my wet boots like the tears on my face.
This life has become a marathon & I can’t lose the race.

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