Behind The Brand: SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic, the world-wide, well-being clinic offers a life-changing experience. It is a destination where health is not simply seen as the absence of illness but rather as the optimal state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, in harmony with the environment, staying at an ideal weight while having great vitality. The concept was born in 2008 on the simple principle of offering health solutions through curative power of a healthy nutrition, body and mind. SHA Wellness Clinic has become a global name synonymous of medical advances, pioneering programs, outstanding knowledge and excellence as well as exceptional results. Guests are presented with a 360 well-being destination, enabling them to immerse into a range of treatments and programs, ultimately improving quality of life, slowing down the ageing process and preventing illness.

The innovative idea of SHA Wellness Clinic was born from the personal experience of Alfredo Bataller Parietti, who had suffered from many health problems. While facing a worrying diagnosis, he was very fortunate to have found a doctor who was a leading expert in nutrition and natural therapies. As a result, Mr. Bataller recovered his health through the curative power of a healthy nutrition. He quickly became committed to sharing and disseminating all of this valuable knowledge and, with the support of his family; he created a unique project where the wisdom of the ages meets the latest advances of Western medicine.

Since conception, SHA Wellness Clinic has continually focused on a 360 medical approach to wellbeing and health. The overriding intention is to help society through the care of both mind and body, by means of the ideal combination of ancient oriental techniques and the ultimate advances in western medicine. The mission is to produce a positive, nourishing and long-lasting change in the people’s wellbeing, thus re-establishing a harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit. These results are established through an incredibly wide variety of treatments, consultancy and medicines whereby programs are meticulously prepared aligned to the needs of each individual. The personalised programme will span across all aspects of health from anti-smoking medicine, sleep medicine, capillary health, cognitive stimulation, preventive medicine, fitness, healthy-aging, dental aesthetics and so much more. Moreover, the treatment zone comprises more than 80 cabins and consultations rooms, with over 35 doctors, all located in a modern and minimalist design location designed to immaculately meet the expectations and improve comfort of guests.

SHA Method

SHA Wellness Clinic is recognised for combining the most effective and proven natural therapies, along with highly therapeutic nutrition without setting aside the latest advancement in western medicine. This includes specific reference to preventive, genetic and anti-ageing medicine. Year on year, the clinic has seen immense developments, expansions and further advancement in knowledge, continually educating and exploring their programmes. Offering discerning guests an array of programmes to elevate their vitality and overall life improvement. In most recent years, the development of the bioenergetics unit, health & wellness programmes and the regenerative medicine unit, have been key advancements for the clinic, once again proving their innovation and forward thinking for medical expertise.

Bioenergetic Unit: The aim of this unit consists on the evaluation of one’s system based on the use of technologies that interact with the human energy structure. It focuses on finding the root cause of imbalances and supports all mechanisms of self-regulation to address the challenges physically and emotionally.

Heath & Wellness Programmes: The expert team at SHA Wellness Clinic have meticulously worked to create a set of plans and programmes to suit an array of health and wellbeing requirements; discovery, essence, fitness, detox, weight control, intensive detox + weight loss, life reset, anti-smoking, sleep recovery, rejuvenation, anti-aging and anti-stress.

Regenerative Medicine: SHA Regenerative medicine applies the most advanced biotechnology looking to understand how the regenerative processes of our own organisms can be imitated to treat diseases that also need this regeneration.

Multiple acclaimed awards, globally and regionally, are further acknowledging the credibility and expert knowledge given by the wellness clinic. Moving in to its 10th year, with further intriguing developments in the pipeline, SHA Wellness Clinic is continually developing the product offering to ensure guests of the exquisite and specialist clinic leave with a new energy for life with the optimum outlook on health and well-being.

Exteriors- Infinity Pool

Presidential Suite

Deluxe Suite

SHAMADI Restaurant

Location: Spain
Booking number: +34 966 81 11 99

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