hi happiness – Let the Soap Heal You

Have you ever heard of a soap that helps you heal? Yes, a soap that can help you reach your higher-self! When ‘hi happiness’ first approached me with the idea, I was extremely skeptical and curious to understand how that could be possible. I wanted to know the mechanics of how this works. Hence, I had a meeting with Nicolas Kolovos, founder of hi happiness, where he explained the story behind the magic of the healing soaps crafted exclusively for his brand and its sophisticated clientele.

                   Nicolas Kolovos, Founder of hi happiness

Have you ever wondered why no matter how much advice or guidance you receive from friends and family, you still feel….incomplete? Well, after my conversation with Nicolas I realized that there are two sides to our self – one with the good characteristics and one with the bad qualities. We tend to admire our positive qualities and we seem to rather shame and hate the unfavored ones. Nicolas gave me the analogy of being a parent. When you have children, they will obviously have attributes that are good and bad. But you never shame or hate your child for their bad deeds, do you? You should treat yourself like your own child. This means you need to accept your thumbs-down qualities the way you accept the thumbs-up ones. A big part of how you can do that is through self-care rituals. I understand that with this fast-paced life it is sometimes difficult to make time for yourself but guess what’s the good news – these rituals can literally be a part of your everyday activities. For example, taking a shower!

This is where the role of the soap comes in. I guess we all know by now that our skin is the body’s largest organ and what gets absorbed through it, apparently, affects us on multiple levels including psychologically and spiritually. Therefore, when you use the right product, your aura automatically and gradually starts to sync. It usually takes at least 60 days of using the same healing Soap with faith and belief that it is what your body needs.

About the soap

The self-love ritual soaps are gracefully made, piece by piece, in Greece at a countryside workshop within a Beautiful Garden. They are crafted with AGAPE (Inner Unconditional Love and Kindness) by the Blessed hands of a Spiritual lady called Dimitra only at Dawn, between 05:00 am to 06:00 am. This is the time of the day when the skies are just opening, and all prayers and wishes are reaching their destination. On a divine level, our body, mind and spirit are working at their highest performance during these hours.

The Artist of the unique natural soaps, Dimitra, is crafting them with a large quantity (74%) of the finest virgin Greek olive oil, essential oils, herbs, and flowers. Capturing the positive energy of the universe and the rejuvenating power of the sun, she is creating each handmade masterpiece to bring a priceless experience of wellness, purification, love, and prosperity to its receiver. The healing soap also nourishes the skin, body, and face leaving a perfectly hydrated complexion.

The different kind of combination of flowers and herbs infused in the natural soaps can work small miracles to your body and skin! The therapeutic properties of the soaps offer a number of huge benefits to our skin and body while giving an amazing sense of positivity and happiness to start the day with!!!

Choosing the soap

I have personally tried the soap for a prolonged period of time before I have decided to write this review. When it came to choosing my favorite soap, Nicolas said that my subconscious mind knows what’s best and hence it needs to choose the right soap for me. My subconscious mind is aware of the issues that need to be dealt with and will accordingly pinpoint the scent (essential oil) it needs. Nicolas placed the soap bars in front of me and asked me to close my eyes. He handed me each soap, one by one, to smell. Believe it or not, each soap triggered a different kind of feeling within my heart. I went through every soap until I said “this is the one”! I immediately felt relaxed, laid back and settled when I smelled the rosemary soap bar.

My experience using the soap

During the first few days of using the soap, I did not feel any different, but I felt clean – a type of clean that I honestly cannot articulate. Week after week, people told me how I have changed and seemed calmer. Internally, I do indeed feel much more secure, grounded, confident and happy. I feel satisfied with everything I have yet I have passion to grow across multiple areas in my life. Apart from that, my skin felt so much smoother and supple. In fact, I have acne prone skin and I was worried the soap would break me out but truth be told, my skin got better and better the more I used the soap on my face.

Using the soap

It is very important to know how to use this soap since it is packed with skin benefits and positive energy. You can use the soap directly over your body and it does not really lather but it rather creates a white sheen wherever rubbed. Upon scrubbing your body with the soap, run the water over your skin. When you towel dry make sure you do not rub your skin with the fabric. doing that can alter the energy that has been transferred to your skin through the soap. You should tap the excess water off your body.

If you are interested to purchase a ‘hi happiness’ soap, you can contact Nicolas Kolovos directly on +971528739572

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