Four Sirens of Suicide

She held her head up high and smiled to every flashing camera but who would have known that she was struggling on the inside. Last year in June, the fashion designer Kate Spade was found hanged at her New York flat after leaving a suicide note to her 13-year-old daughter. She was battling with depression and anxiety. Isn’t this just a reminder for all of us that mental health is as important as physical well being? Suicide is no joke and those who say that suicide attempts are a call for attention couldn’t be more wrong. Those who commit suicide want to end the pain and not really take away their own lives.

You never know when it could be a little too late for intervention. It is important to spot the warning signs of suicide to help those at risk.

1- Feelings of hopelessness and lack of purpose – Having hope can help one make miracles but losing it can destroy lives. When people no longer see the point in living then they lose interest in activities they once sought.

2- Withdrawal from social interactions – Staying away from people especially dear ones could be a red flag. In the victims’ minds, they are preparing friends and family for their departure.

3- Substance abuse – Those who think of committing suicide proactively engage in over consumption of alcohol or even in prescription drugs. There is a high correlation between over dosing on psychotropic medications and suicide.

4- Seeking reassurance and saying goodbye – Those who think of suicide might ask questions that could offer comforting answers that they are loved and appreciated. They may start calling close friends and family to say farewell.

Let us help those who are in war with their own minds. A simple call to ask about their day can stop them from committing suicide.

This article first appeared in Health Magazine.

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