Obsessive Over-thinker

By: Delightfullyunlucky

When you over-think, you can only ever go either one of two ways…
You can either be too hopeful, or you can create problems that aren’t there.

Over-thinking can never lead anyone in the right direction. This is probably the main cause of unnecessary fights and break-ups. Not just in relationships between couples, but between friends too.

I am guilty of doing this; it’s probably one of the main reasons I hate being alone because all I do is think. It doesn’t matter if I’m thinking about my life or the floor tiles in my bathroom, I will somehow conduct a scenario in my head of the most random and most irrelevant situation just to piss myself off… Then I don’t even stop there, I carry it on. I build it up so much in my head that it starts to feel like reality, and I start to believe in it. Then, whatever that certain scenario made me feel like, would be how I feel for the rest of the day or the rest of the evening. But even if it’s positive, I remind myself that it’s bullshit and I’m letting my mind wander… So either way, I end up pretty upset.

Whoever else does this to themselves, (and I’m more than sure that there are plenty of us out there who do this) we are crazy… I can’t say that we’re not, because let’s face it, I bet you people who have their shit together and lives planned out don’t have this problem. All they have to decide is what colour walls they want for their houses and what shoes to wear tomorrow, and what if they don’t match their outfits for the day.

What I’m trying to say is, people like us – the over-thinkers of the world- create these random problems that were never there to start with. This is how we sabotage whatever happiness we have because we go into the “what if’s” and the “but’s” of everything, thus breaking our own hearts.

I haven’t gone that far yet with doing this (and hopefully I won’t). However, I have made myself overly emotional about situations that I made up in my head, which is not only crazy but extremely unhealthy too. So I feel like that this problem needs to go. I need to stop this, and so do you.

Ladies, we are queens! The sooner we start remembering that, the better…

Make good choices.

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