Eunoia Help Evokes Social Change and Promotes Teen Mental Health

The onset of the pandemic brought immense uncertainty for teens and young adults, and Eunoia aims to promote individuality and inclusivity during these trying times.

Eunoia, “a beautiful mind” serves as an advocate for teens and young adults. At Eunoia, they encourage teenagers and young adults to utilize their voices to start conversations about social issues in order to engage and unite their communities. These past years have brought on immense social change, as well as uncertainty which impacts the entire population, especially teenagers and young adults. From living through a pandemic to protesting the government and other social issues, the need for advocacy and mental health services are greater than ever.

Eunoia’s goal is to connect with teenagers and young adults and encourage them to express themselves and their thoughts authentically. Eunoia Help invites specialists to spark conversations on the topics of mindfulness, meaning, empathy, and emotional intelligence. More than ever before, there is a need to have a voice on not just what is happening now, but the future.

They currently have over 260 followers, 500 email subscribers, and have recently driven 4,675 visits to their website. Eunoia Help has been featured in Marketwatch, Digital Journal, Fox40, Sun Chronicle, and Star Tribune. Currently, they are in partnerships with organizations like the Detox Foundation and the Reincarnation Association.

A myriad of countries have engaged in their foundation and Eunoia has received queries from the U.S., India, Qatar, Ghana, Canada, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Kenya, and Cape Town. They have had various teen writers from South Africa, India, the U.K., and the U.S., which have all contributed to their articles and content. Eunoia also hosted the Teen Gala, where they promoted mental health and raised $2,000 for their cause.

Eunoia Help’s founder, Le’har Mishra says, “As Eunoia completes its first year, I still avidly remember why I started it after spending a year in a pandemic and a psychological imperative to slow down. While others were trying to be the best versions of themselves during the quarantine season, I felt like I was losing the best part of me. I started Eunoia, to provide a platform for my fellow teens to express themselves and create more emotional intelligence.”

About Eunoia Help

Eunoia’s goal is to connect with teens and encourage them to express complex thoughts authentically. Follow them as they talk about issues and what they go through as teens.

Eunoia raises conversations and invites specialists to create mindfulness and meaning that incorporates empathy and emotional intelligence. They aim to spread global awareness among different cultures for teens’ mental health in order to develop self confidence. Various cultures are unaware of the severity of mental health which causes many teens to suppress their emotions which leads to even more problems.

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