Is Social Pressure Damaging Our Love Life?

The pandemic drove us further into overuse of screen time. Recent studies estimate we pick up our smartphones over 85 times per day and spend around 25 hours online each week. Friends and frenemies can now be tracked more easily; status changes can be monitored almost constantly. Often, social pressures make it more difficult for us to keep our personal information private (and many do not want to). Some of us are willingly staring into the goldfish bowl that is other’s social media, and as we know, this is associated with envy and damaging and negative comparisons. Continue reading Is Social Pressure Damaging Our Love Life?

The Disconnected Population

How did we ‘evolve’ to become such a lonely generation? It’s one of the questions I’ve pondered over among a million other thoughts.  Why is it so challenging for one to find a true, genuine, and committed relationship in this era? Have we really lost our humanity in being able to connect, empathize and feel compassion for one another? How is it that so many of us long for a healthy emotional bond with a lifetime partner yet are unable to keep our hearts open? What does the word ‘love’ even mean? Continue reading The Disconnected Population

Starting Nursery is Less Daunting with a Sibling by Your Side

With Sibling Day celebrated on 10th April, Ladybird Nursery highlights the positive effects of sending siblings to the same school or nursery Starting nursery is a big step for a child, as it marks the start of one of the most impactful stages of their lives – their long career in education.  While this can be a daunting concept for many, having a sibling or siblings … Continue reading Starting Nursery is Less Daunting with a Sibling by Your Side

Understanding Ghosting and Coping with the Aftermath

If you have been trying to understand why some people decide to vanish leaving nothing but static behind, then this article is for you. We are not going to deny that being ghosted can be extremely hurtful and the need for closure will always seem to dangle at the back of your mind. One question pulls another, leaving you emotionally worn out while challenging every ounce of sanity in you. We also understand that the longer and more serious the relationship, the harder it is to cope with being deserted by your loved one. Bitter-Sweet has asked Chanel Omari, a journalist, TV host, TV personality, POP culture expert, fashion designer, reality star, radio host and DJ, the most burning questions about ghosting. Continue reading Understanding Ghosting and Coping with the Aftermath

Dating Fatigue: the Symptoms and the Rebound

Let’s face it, dating IS tiring, but how do you know when you really need a break? Have you ever experienced dating fatigue? Do you find yourself: restless, listless, disengaged, unengaging? Conversation is like squeezing water from a stone. Drop. By. Drop. You might not even realize you have it! Chanel Omari, ex reality bravo-lebrity turned celebrity radio host on iHeartRadio and WBLI 106.1 breaks it down for you and tells you how to know if you have dating fatigue and how to rebound. Continue reading Dating Fatigue: the Symptoms and the Rebound

Adapting to Your Parents

To stay connected at this transition it’s time for the father to bridge adolescent differences with interest and relate on terms that matter to his teenage son. This doesn’t mean he has to buy a skateboard too. However, it does mean taking an active interest in his son’s new interest, being curious to learn about it by being open to be taught. Now their traditional roles are reversed, as he becomes the student and his son the teacher, the young man feeling respected in this new instructional role. Continue reading Adapting to Your Parents

Saving the Children of Divorce

“We’re half a family now; I’m unable to think, unable to feel, unable to grasp what had happened to our lives. Unable to speak about how I hate that I can’t have both my parents with me at home, maybe it’s all my fault” says Dalia Maher, a daughter of divorced parents. This is what most children of divorced parents would say and feel. This is exactly why parents should protect their children during divorce and pay extra care to their feelings. Psychologist Laura Markham advice parents with 5 tactics to protect the children of a divorce. Continue reading Saving the Children of Divorce

The Three Sirens of Divorce

“The only thing more unthinkable than leaving was staying; the only thing more impossible than staying was leaving. I didn’t want to destroy anything or anybody. I just wanted to slip quietly out the back door, without causing any fuss or consequences, and then not stop running until I reached Greenland.” narrated Elizabeth Gilbert in her novel Eat, Pray, Love. Continue reading The Three Sirens of Divorce