Obsessive Over-thinker

By: Delightfullyunlucky When you over-think, you can only ever go either one of two ways…You can either be too hopeful, or you can create problems that aren’t there. Over-thinking can never lead anyone in the right direction. This is probably the main cause of unnecessary fights and break-ups. Not just in relationships between couples, but between friends too. I am guilty of doing this; it’s … Continue reading Obsessive Over-thinker

Michael Phelps – I Didn’t Want to be Alive

It was in 2014, following a second drink-driving charge and a six-month suspension from USA Swimming, that Michael Phelps started to talk. It wasn’t easy at first. The 23-time Olympic gold medalist had suffered a downward spiral that had got so bad he confined himself to one room for five days. But talking has helped and Phelps — the most decorated Olympian of all time … Continue reading Michael Phelps – I Didn’t Want to be Alive

A Writer’s Love Triangle

In my point of view, writing has always been a relationship rather than an action verb and every relationship has routine characteristics to employ success. In this case, members of the relationship are myself, the topic I am writing about and the circumstances I write under. Over time, this love triangle has made me realize that there are rituals that I participate in during every … Continue reading A Writer’s Love Triangle

Labels Are For The Lazy

Written by C.D.Z. How do I sum up 31 years with mental illness? I don’t. I can’t. What I can do is say that I’m not big on labels. I have a few of them. Paranoid schizophrenic. Bipolar. PTSD. OCD. Generalized anxiety disorder. Bulimia (non-purging). Breast cancer (caused by medication). Crohns. Homeless. I could go on but like I said: I’m not big on labels. … Continue reading Labels Are For The Lazy

The Bridge, The Bullet & The Overdose

Written by: Kelley McElreath, The Survivor Coach http://www.thesurvivorcoach.com Looking back on my life prior to my attempted suicide, I now see the spiral so clearly. I was so, so sad. I knew something was wrong with me but I really and truly thought it was just what happens to a person after finishing their treatment for cancer. I mean, that is what all the doctor’s said would … Continue reading The Bridge, The Bullet & The Overdose