Therapy in a Journal

Expressive writing can be described as an activity that expresses “major upheavals” in one’s life. It is writing that directly comes out from our innermost insecurities and it usually does not reflect on the events that take place but rather on one’s feelings and thoughts about these events. It is a type of writing specially used as a tool for stress management. Rather than repressing emotions such as anger and hostility, people can reflect their feeling through writing and therefore ventilate the negativity that comes in tandem.  Simple examples of expressive writing would be keeping a diary or a daily journal. Continue reading Therapy in a Journal

A Writer’s Love Triangle

In my point of view, writing has always been a relationship rather than an action verb and every relationship has routine characteristics to employ success. In this case, members of the relationship are myself, the topic I am writing about and the circumstances I write under. Over time, this love triangle has made me realize that there are rituals that I participate in during every … Continue reading A Writer’s Love Triangle