Skullcandy’s Crusher ANC

As a therapist, I am a huge believer in music therapy. Science has proven that the frequencies in music and lyrics in songs can alter our vibrations and change our state almost instantly. When we talk about listening to music, we need a high quality device to deliver excellent output.

Those who know me in person probably know how much I am obsessed with my new Skullcandy Crusher ANC wireless headphone. I recently purchased the Crusher ANC and have been using it for approximately two months and have reached a conclusion about the overall performance of this spectacular headphone.  If you are interested to buy Crusher ANC, then this review could help you make up your mind.

The design is sleek and classy. It comes in two colors – red and black. Crusher ANC is affordable and is very high quality. Being an individual who is very prone to migraine headaches, I can confidently say that the headphone is very light weight and comfortable to wear.

Crusher ANC is also very durable and sturdy, especially considering that I have dropped it accidentally a couple of times. The control buttons of both sides of Crusher ANC are easy to use and feel like they are made of good quality material. The same applies to the cushions that surround the ears.  The battery life is excellent. It literally lasts me all day. Even when the battery is low, it gets charged really fast.

The bass on this device will make you feel the music in your bones! On the left side of the headphone is a button that you can slide up and down to control the intensity of the bass. It is really equipped with the broadest range of Sensory Bass. Believe it or not, there are frequencies that some people can hear, and others don’t! What makes Crusher ANC unique is that you can tailor the notes in the music to each individual ear via the Skullcandy app.

Crusher ANC also comes with the Active Noise Cancelling feature that monitors your environment and eliminates outside noise to keep your music crystal clear. It also has Ambient Mode that filters noise in your environment yet allows you to stay in touch with your surroundings. This feature is very important if you use the headphone in a situation that requires you to be attentive like at an airport waiting for a flight announcement for example.


The device also come with a built-in tile tracker that you can use to find Crusher ANC in case you lose it or forget where left it. Overall, I would give Crusher ANC a five-star rating. For 1,199 DHS, it comes with high quality features and offers a unique listening experience.  

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